The Andon Board For Lean Manufacturing

Andon Board

Andon boards are a popular tool in the manufacturing industry, utilized to display the status of various machines, production lines, or processes. The aim of this system is to minimize waste and improve productivity throughout the entire production process.

Andon boards serve as a monitoring system, with the ability to alert workers of any issues through audible alarms or warning messages. In a lean manufacturing setting, the boards provide immediate access to crucial information such as order status, priorities, and productivity measurements, even from a distance. They can be applied in various areas of production, including manufacturing, inventory management, storage, receiving, picking, and shipping.

By utilizing andon boards, the industry can benefit from improved coordination and flow, leading to better customer service. For example, in the shipping department, the boards can display queue information, priorities, pickup and departure times, truck directions, and other specific details, ensuring prompt and accurate deliveries. Furthermore, andon boards enhance inventory accuracy by displaying the correct items to be picked.

Techy details

These boards eliminate the need for manual forms of communication such as whiteboards, clipboards, or emails, reducing the risk of error and minimizing “work in progress.”

Andon boards can display 4-inch characters, with the number of lines and characters being customizable by the user. Some boards can also display smaller characters as needed, with 2.1-inch characters suitable for areas with a viewing distance of 100 feet or less.

System used

Andon boards can run various applications, including Windows programs like Excel and Explorer, as well as HMI applications like GE Cimplicity, Wonderware, Visual Plant, Iconics, and SCADA.

In the past, andon boards were an expensive addition to lean manufacturing systems, but with technological advancements, new and improved models have emerged, such as the OEE Impact Andon Board. This model offers a flexible display that can be configured through a PC and viewed on an LCD or different types of screens.

The OEE Impact Andon Board offers real-time monitoring of production against targets through its TAKT time calculation feature, as well as an automatic production plan that takes into account planned breaks. It provides a progress profile within specific periods of time or work shifts and offers a historical summary report of performance, targets, rejects, and downtime.

In the event of underperforming production, the OEE Impact Andon Board utilizes software to identify problem areas and bottlenecks, enabling lean manufacturers to make necessary changes and track improvement through summary reports.

With the OEE Impact Andon Board, all data is securely stored, making it an indispensable tool in the lean manufacturing process.

In conclusion, this article has provided just a snapshot of the Andon Board as a powerful tool for lean manufacturing. If you’re interested in learning more about other Lean Manufacturing tools in your business, be sure to explore additional resources on the topic and check out this article.

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